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A space, a city, an atmosphere.

Do Istanbulites feel a sense of loss of their history? Is it a simple evolution or an irreversible rupture?

This show takes you into a sound and visual universe filled with different emotions and atmospheres with images of Istanbul from the 60s to the ultra-dynamic city of today, with visual arts, precious videos family, various percussion instruments and keyboards played by Emil Kuyumcuyan, and objects related to time and nostalgia. Emil's creations await you, influenced by traditional music, jazz, and contemporary music, interpreted by himself.

Emil lived with his images of Istanbul: he retains a nostalgia for his family, which binds him to his heritage. Having African, Roman-Greek, Armenian, and Croatian (Austro-Hungarian) roots, he has always listened to previous generations talk about this city which has changed enormously. Also, he feels far from the atmosphere he knew in his childhood. This place, therefore, becomes more abstract even though it was in Istanbul that it all began... Is the city concrete, or on the contrary, is it not a set of fleeting moments that form it as quickly as deform it?